as mention in the title, im currently developing a system which can
1. Scan the LAN and list out all the active nodes.
2. Server able to manage the network access of client PCs.

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Which server are you planning to use? Is it going to handle DHCP for you or are you doing that from a router? How many client PCs? Are you also looking to control Printers? Are there mobile devices to consider?

hi dm
sorry for didnt cleary state out the system requirement
this system should run in a computer labs,
where only 1 tutor pc,and there are about 30~40 student PCs.

So, virtually, the tutor pc should be the "Server", and rest of pc is
"client" , we cant control the network access of student pc through router, we only need to control the network access of student PCs when there is a need~

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