hey everyone
Well currently I'm on a very long holiday and I'm trying not to waste my time doing nothing .
So can any one tell me where I can get some tasks or anything to tell me what to implement ??
so that I can learn new things in programming

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I think OP isn't in need of tutorials, but exercises.

I like Project Euler. There's also Code Kata.

Whenever I start a new programming languange, I always like to start with the same basic program: A podcast ripper.
A podcast ripper is a very simple program, but it gives you insights into different aspects of the programming language, the API, and the platform.

  1. You download a podcast listing.
  2. You parse out the xml.
  3. You identify the individual podcast nodes.
  4. You find the media file inside the podcast XML node.
  5. You download the media file.
  6. You move on to the next podcast XML node.

Furthermore, you can take the different versions of the same program from different programming languages and compare the two. That's probably the best part. It's a very healthy exercise for your brain.

Now, go do it in Python, then Java, then C#/Mono, then C++ for your particular OS/platform.

Happy coding!

Sneaky little Schemer that I am, I'll throw in Scheme from Scratch, a project to write a simple Scheme interpreter in C. While Peter Michaux has posted his own code for it, there are several others who followed along the basic design with their own implementations (in a fit of perversity, I decided to implement my version in MIPS assembly language). It's a few weeks worth of part-time work, but it does make a good project for a long holiday. It gives you a basic idea of how to implement an interpreter, as well as exposing you to a language you probably aren't familiar with.

thnaks a lot

Alaa sam, There are lots of options to improve your programming skills. Some of these options are Learn the C language, Take a help from other experters, Try to solve the logic puzzle, Create the programs that test your skills, and try to understand the programs.

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