Hello all,

Im getting the following error when i try to create a simple helloWorld C++ project in eclipse. Please note that i have MinGW, msys and my environment variables set up right. Im using Windows 7 and the 32bit Eclipse Juno.


Error 127 occurred while running autoreconf HelloWorld -1 Configure Problem

The error occurs as soon as i create the project. I had another c++ compiler on my machine (DevC++) and thought this might be causing the problem, so i removed it..However im still getting the same error. Please help


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I did a google search and it looks like this happenes when either or both g++ and gdb are not installed

Type in the cmd the following lines:

gcc --version
g++ --version
make --version

If either 1 of them sais that the program is not found, you'll have to reinstall MinGW.

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