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I would like my 'quit' button to appear in the bottom right hand corner of my menu screen, but it seems that every computer in the office has a different sized screen, different size ration (some are widescreen), and different resolution. When I deploy my program, the quit button may appear off-screen (the user has to scroll down to find it) or it may appear half way across the screen on a widescreen laptop for example. If I set my form to 'maximised', is there a way to position a button relative to the bottom right hand corner of the form?

Also, on one maximised form I have two datagridview's side by side. Is there are way to automatically set each one to take up half of the available form width, so they fill the form nicely?

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try something like this

set the y axis of the datagridview as u want....

u can also write the below code in load as well as form resize event so that if the form is resized even the controls will be resized...

          DataGridView1.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(Me.Width / 2 - 100, 300)
          DataGridView1.Left = Me.Left + 50

          DataGridView2.Size = DataGridView1.Size
          DataGridView2.Left = Me.Width / 2 + 50

          Button1.Top = Me.Height - Button1.Height - 20
          Button1.Left = Me.Width - Button1.Width - 20
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