I want to declare a float[] in .h and initialize in .m as explained below:
.h file


@interface A: NSObject
    float data[10];


.m file

@implementation A
-(void) loadData{
data={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10};//Does not work

I could have intialized in the following manner, but Could it be intialized in the above manner.

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You can use the arrayWithObjects method:

data = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: your list of stuff, nil];

You need to include the nil, I can't tell you why...

You need the nil to indicate the end of the list. Also float is a primitive data type and so wont work in this context. You should use NSNumber (which is an object) rather than float.

[NSArray arrayWithObjects:] takes id object as argument, so one must initialize individual object with [NSNumber numberWithFloat:] method.

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