A thread was started (http://www.daniweb.com/community-center/daniweb-community-feedback/threads/363816) inquiring about creating an objective-C forum. I am open to this as long as it is indeed a unique language with unique characteristics (and not a subset of C or C++, for example).

However, my main hesitation is that creating a forum is, often times, a one-way street -- Therefore, it's important that Obj-C is NOT just a fad that will fall out of style with the iPhone.


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I can help with two of your reservations:

  • Objective C is most certainly a unique language. I see it much like C++ in that there's a subset of C, but so robust of an extension to the base that you couldn't compare the two.
  • Objective-C is not limited to the iPhone. It's been around and quite popular for much longer than the iPhone, actually. The language itself is far from a fad, though I don't doubt that an Objective-C forum would attract primarily iOS developers.

I'm not against a new forum, but only if there's a large enough demand.

Rhumers are that Apple may not be long for this world due to recent law suits with Kodak. And Apple stocks continue to fall through the floor.

My understanding is that Object C is an Apple product so you can make your own conclusions about how long it may survive.

And, BTW, that may be good news for Microsoft :)

My understanding is that Object C is an Apple product

No. Its just closely linked to apple as it was famously used by NeXT who were baught by them, with thier GUI eventually becoming what is now the cocoa framework in Mac OSX.

Quite a bit of open software uses ObjectiveC, e.g. the OpenSTEP and GNUstep projects, of which the WindowMaker X11 window manager is probably the best example of an actual application.

It existed before apple. And it will exist after.

Apple delivers the free downloadXcode IDE with every Macintosh. It is very comparable with Visual Studio and .NET. Don't know which one was first. I started with it in 2003 I guess. The language used was Objective-C and if you wanted to do some OO you had to write some "strange" syntax, that I personnaly did not like that much. Some years later I found out about C#, with (again personnaly) a clear syntax. So I learned C#(still in the act of doing so :D )
Had a question about C# that this site has answered for me, so you could say that Objective-C has driven me to Daniweb!

XCode was released a bit after windows XP came out, so your 2003 estimate sounds right. Therefore visual studio has probably got nearly 5-10 years of maturity on it... having come out circa 95 i think (wasnt totally integrated till v6 really in 97/98)

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