I've read that C# compiler's name is csc.exe
I have MonoDevelop3 And can't find a file with that name.
Also can find nothing which looks like a compiler in MonoDevelop's directories.
The documentations didn't help too.
Could you help?

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mcs (link)

csc.exe is the C# compiler that comes with Microsoft's .net SDK. mcs is the C# compiler that comes with Mono. Neither of these ship with MonoDevelop, but you need to have one of them installed in order to use MonoDevelop.

So if you want to find csc.exe, you should look in the directory where you installed the .net SDK, not in the directory where you installed MonoDevelop. And if you're not on Windows, you should be looking for mcs instead (which will presumably be somewhere in your PATH).

Thanks Momerath but I've seen that page before and couldn't find the file it suggests.
And thanks sepp2k I've found that one in my windows folder.
Thanks both again

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