hi.. am unable to view objects of a form in a project, although am able to view its code.. Whenever i try to open the form to view its objects, i rcv an error mentioning "Error Loading Form. Please check "<path>.log" for details."
In the log file it says "Line 59: Property Picture in cmdSelect could not be set."
How could i check the property of a command button without opening the form..??
Plz help..

correct me if im wrong, did you put an image on the button?

Some problem loading your form. Try opening the form (frmName.frm) in notepad and delete the picture box declaration. You can do this by "Find". Now try to open it in VB6 IDE. Make sure you have a copy of the form as Backup before doing this.

thanx for the reply.. i deleted the picture box declaration.. Now its showing error as "Out of memory" while opening the form object..

tried doing that too.. but the error still exists.
am able to view all other forms of the project.. but the problem is with this form only..

Check whether the picture has any definition in the frmName.frx(open in notepad).
Delete it. Always have a backup.
If problem still exists and the if the form can be shared pls attach a copy of the file(the original file that gave the "could not load control" )

opening .frx file in notepad opens up with garbage values.
am sorry but i could not share the form as its the project of an oil & gas company.

Open your .vbp (Project file) in Notepad. Scroll to your frmName line, see that the path specified is the path you are using. Modify it, save the file and that should solve your problem.

It should read - Form=frmName.frm If it shows any other paths, delete the paths...

k understood frnds2vivek. S you cannot view an frx file I forgot that part Im sorry .

K did your picture box contain any controls? How many? Those controls' parent property may still refer the picture box. Can you delete them too?
Try if possible.

If you still don succeed (or feel bored deleting controls) another solution May be....

If you can make the design of the form again (I mean your form doesn't have a complicated design), design a new form, copy the code (not the controls' declarations) from the old from and paste it in the new form.....

sorry guys as i ws out-of-town and away frm net too..thus cud not respond.. however thnx for the responses..
AndreRet : I looked in the notepad format.. there r no other paths specified..
sam : okay.. will try designing the form again... but the thing is that i am unable to open the form to view its object so how could i design it.. :P
still will try designing it referring to the code of the form.. hope will succeed..

re-designing the form helped making the project executable. but the error still remains a mystery and unsolved. working on to solve it..

Error remains even after a form is completely re-designed ????? Cudn' Believe

no sam.. i meant that the project is working after redesingning the form..thnx for the idea..
But, the mystery of the error in the original project continues..