i know how to get property values :


but i dont know how to set them from custom installer class.
any ideas?

When/Where are you looking to set the values, ie at what point of the installation?

before install. the problem is following, my setup deploys two executable. when i have new version of that software, it needs to check if both components installed, if they are installed then it needs to upgrade two of them, if only one of them installed then it needs to upgrade only one of them.
do you have another idea about how to do that?

here is the better explanation of the situation :
let say your application is composed of two components, one being the regular application, the other being the administrator console.
when you push the updates to the clients, if they have the adminstrator console installed as well as the regular application, then you want to upgrade both of the components. else, you just want to upgrade regular application but not the administrator console. all must be done using one windows installer file (.msi)
if you can think of another idea, i am open to do that too.