Hey guysz. I had follow up the Daniweb discussion on VB6. I tried to develop a software based on what I got. It is a similar to library system (it is a different program actually). Thanks alot ^^. Now I almost 80% done. So I need a little help

  1. The books borrowing system. I want the system to grab the date when the book were borrowed and display the date the person will have to return. If the student were late, then extra charge will be executed. (I'm using Access Database)

  2. How the system will grab that the student who read the most. Can it read the number and value of record which repeated in field?

  3. In the student management, let say the student are only studied for 5 year. So, if the student were registered in Year1, then after Year5 we want to delete their name from access database automatically. How is it possible?

Well, maybe there are some thread which have similar question that I couldn't find. Dont trouble yourselves. Just give me the link. I try my best. Sorry for the trouble. Thank you guyz =)
DANIWEB rocks!!

80% of ur project is completed means u r able to modify..edit..fetch.. data from the Access database. So, it seems that u have a logic and u have to just code it down.
am i right..??

i know, but I'm just a beginner, almost 80% were a simple fetch data in access. but i want to know, is VB6 can do all that I'm ask above. I really need a help. It stuck