I've been at this for hours - I am trying to display a barcode font in a label. Sounds simple but apparently isn't. I've added the font ttf to the project and added it to the UIAppFont array in the project p-list but the text appears normally (defaults to the normal font). I tried with another ttf font (not barcode, just fancy) and it works fine so I know I have the steps right.
I went the route of creating an image with text but again no luck...
Any hints, tips, random advice?

barcode fonts are quite tall are you sure your UILabel is tall enough

Would the label being too small cause the font to switch back to the default font? I would have thought it would just cut it off... But, I shall try that.

Problem fixed. I opened the font in Font Book and checked out its actual name. It didn't match the actual file name at all. Once I referred to in by its internal name it worked perfectly.