I've been at this for hours - I am trying to display a barcode font in a label. Sounds simple but apparently isn't. I've added the font ttf to the project and added it to the UIAppFont array in the project p-list but the text appears normally (defaults to the normal font). I tried with another ttf font (not barcode, just fancy) and it works fine so I know I have the steps right.
I went the route of creating an image with text but again no luck...
Any hints, tips, random advice?

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Would the label being too small cause the font to switch back to the default font? I would have thought it would just cut it off... But, I shall try that.


Problem fixed. I opened the font in Font Book and checked out its actual name. It didn't match the actual file name at all. Once I referred to in by its internal name it worked perfectly.

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