Hi Friends,
I have created a small C# program to "SendKeys" to the active application. I use it to automate the cheat code typing for games. I have assigned cheats to some keys in the keyboard. Problem is the SendKeys.Send() works with notepad (i've tested) but not working with GTA San Andreas. Is there anything extra to be included? Earlier I have created a simiar application using VB 6.0 and it worked with GTA Vice City.

Pls help me overcome the situation.


Which SendKeys are you using? Is it the .Net wrapper or a WIN32 API call? Have you tried running it as administrator?

Tnx skatamatic for your reply.
It is not an API call. I used the .NET class. I tried it in administrative mode. The program works fine every other program (notepad, wordpad etc.) but not with GTA San Andreas.
Does San Andreas work different from other progs?

Thanks Again.

I think SendKeys uses the windows message pump to pass in a key down message to a form. I bet San Andreas doesn't use this message pump as most WinForms apps do, so you will have to try some other things. Check out AutoIt

sorry skatamatic. Didn check for the solution. Ill try yours and update it ASAP. Tnx for the reply....