Hi guys,
I really don't know how to list the content of that box in AD.
Can you give me some hints - I found none so far :(

Thx for your help!

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This has nothing to do with C#, and everything to do with Active Directory for Windows Server 2003/2008. If you go to 'Server Manager', go to Roles->Active Directory Domain Services->your.domain.name->Users you will see a list of users and groups, and when you double click a user and go to the MemberOf tab you will see all the User Groups that user belongs to :). Note that there's some built-in user groups under BuiltIn (rather than under Users) that you won't see in the users list.

Try posting it in a different forum for better/faster results next time.

I write program in C# to extract/modify data in AD.
I need to write a function which lists content of that tab for 300 groups.
Thats why it has been posted in C# category.

Security tab contains groups which gives access to SHARED MAILBOXES (created as USER ACCOUNT with email adress)
Basicaly - we have about 300 mailboxes, and access groups to those mailboxes is stored in SECURITY TAB.
I need to list them badly :/

Wow - looks interesting - will check that in the evening

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