Hi I have java Enabled Nokia X2-01 I have made a game in java which is a executable jar file now i want to run it in my java enabled mobile phone.Please help

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what exactly is your question? how to upload the jar to the device, or how to run the installed jar on the device?

thanx for the reply ,I have a Executable jar which i can run by double clicking in windows. But how to run this executable jar in java enabled phone.

Java for mobile devices doesn't mean full size of JSE but reduced JME (Java Microedition). So you have to develop your application as midlet (that is name of apps in JME)

can i convert executable jar to j2me file?

You cannot, because many of the classes use in your JAR either do not exists in JME implementation or have limited number of methods created.
If you created that application in JAR you shouldn't have much problem to rewrite for JME

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