anyone know how to print this output ????
using three for loop


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Show your approach to the problem. We can't provide you the code directly, according to rules. Post your approach, we'll ammend the code and help you out. :)

here's a pseudocode to give you a hint:

    x = 5
    while the value of x is not equal to 0 
        y = 5
        while the value of y is not equal to 0 
        if the value of y less than or equal to x
            print an asterisk
            print a space
            decrement y;
        end while
        decrement x
        print a newline
    end while

To print that output you have to use three loops.
1.) one is the outer loop used to present the rows.
2.) second is a inner loop which will print spaces.
3.) third is again a inner loop which will be placed just after secong loop and will print "*".

so here is the layout-

for(how many rows you want)
    for(print a triangle of " " (spaces)
    for(print a reverse triangle of "*")
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for(int i=5;i>0;i--)
     for(int j=1;j<i;j++)
         printf("* ");
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