i would like to start data structures in c langauage.but i dont know even what is data structure and 0% about data structure.can u suggest me some books for data structure in c?????

or even video tutorials in youtube links

Get this book: Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs
Author: Niklaus Wirth
Publisher: Prentice-Hall

Available from Amazon.com both new and used.

FWIW, Wirth was the inventor of both the Pascal and Modula programming languages. The original edition of the book used Pascal for the examples, but the content is applicable to any programming language. I've had mine since the early 1980's (it was first published in 1976), and I still use it. I am a senior systems engineer and software developer for one of the biggest cell phone companies in the world, am a published technical author, have software patents where I am credited as sole inventor, and am a director of an IEEE affiliate group. Let's just say that I live and breath software engineering... :-)