#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
 string admin_pwd="testing";
 string encrypted ;
 string unencrypted;
 char key[5] = "abcd";

 for (int x=0; x < admin_pwd.size(); x++){
  encrypted += admin_pwd[x] ^ key[x/100%30];
 cout << "Encrypted  = " << encrypted<<endl;

 for (int x = 0; x < admin_pwd.size(); x++){
  unencrypted += encrypted[x] ^ key[x/100%30];
 cout << "Unencrypted  = " << unencrypted<<endl;


I want my source code not to contain the text password on itself. so how do i implement above thing for a password input check(authentication) or a login system like below one?

I mean how to combine them to get a secure login

int main() 

string pswd ="";
char inpt;
cout << "Enter password\n";

inpt = _getch();

 while(inpt != 13)     

      cout << '*';
      inpt = _getch();

   if(pswd == "testing")
      cout << "\nAccess granted :P\n";
      cout << "\nAccess aborted...\n";

return 0;

1st: Store the password in a file. Read it in for the compare.
2nd: For more security, encrypt the password somehow. Decrypt it before comparing.

I do not know how to store password to files. I a new C++ coder.
and a more spedific asnwer would be appreciated.

You need to implement a system that works like this:

  • Create The Username/Password Text File
  • When storing the Username/Password have, store it in it's encrypted state.
  • When the User tries to login, take the variable entered, encrypt it, compare it against the encryption in the text file.
  • Act on comparison.

Does this help at all?

To learn how to use text files in C++:


speakon you are awesoem. it is done

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@Rashakil Fol what the hell aare you talking about!! :O ??

@Rashakil Fol what the hell aare you talking about!! :O ??

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