Okay so im a programmer. C#, VB.Net, Html, Css, Jscript, some Java.

So I'm here because I think I'm finally ready to make a good project that people would use/play, not one of those test/practice projects that I made for 3 years. I have a few ideas in mind.

Anyways, as for programs I thought we(The Team - Any one can help) can make something that developers would use.
Ask yourself, what would you use that would make programming easier? Not only programming, but also designing such as graphics. I made a pixel editor a while ago, but it wasn't good. The problems were how it compressed the array of pixels, and how it updated it after each click. Check it out here. >.>
I tried making my own framework. This one inspired me alot, and i worked really hard on it. You can check it out here.
But that was no use because i really had no application to use the framework on, but i did use it on the pixel editor i mentioned above.
I tried making my own animation class. This one was very fun to do also. You can call it a GIF clone except with better quality, the images were stored as PNG, no color loss.
I'm sure everyone wanted to make a Virtual OS at some point, well so did I. I even replaced explorer.exe with it to make it more -realistic-. Too bad that didn't work out, the process was never even started(even though its name was explorer.exe - in C:\Windows).
Also who here didn't want to make a game. I did for sure! I started with Winform controls, then moved to e.Graphics, and eventually to XNA. But i never really found how to make a half transparent control..
Chat Box, now this what everyone wants to do. Once you have a server and client, you can make it into anything you want. Well that's what I did, well atleast - tried. I tried to make a game like the original party game 'Mafia'. Believe me this was one of my favorite games of all time.
Yes I loved those days when i used to get rushed by zerglings when all i had was an empty bunker(BroodWar).
Or when i was too busy collecting Gold and Stone and i get destroyed by an army of Militia(AoE II).
Even the time when i was trying to get to the best gun spawn, now that was hard since there was a bunch of bots(Half-Life).
The good times when i used to be happy when i made my third hero, and sadly it died(Warcraft III).
One of the funniest times were when i beat my friend since i was a tank, and the first time I killed Diablo(Diablo I & II).
Can't forget to mention Starcraft II, even though all the originals are usually the best, Starcraft II was good too. Ohh, how i hated it when i got a bunch of banshees and the opponent attacked with Broodlords(SCII).
Alot of people hate this game now, but it wasn't always hated. The original Runescape. Oh I remember the first time i got 100k back in 2002. I thought I was the richest in town!(Runescape Classic or Runescape 1)

So why am i here again? Yea back to the topic.

I wanted to find a team who wants to make a game or program, that would be usefull and fun.
Want you want to be part of the proud group that makes one of those old school rpg games?

I had in mind that we(The Team, again) make a game like Mafia in a Winforms that works over TCP. Server - Client.

If you have any other ideas, I'll be glad to hear it.

Constructive Criticism accepted!

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Also who here didn't want to make a game.

I didn't, still don't. :)

But in all seriousness, I did read your post and while I personally would be unable to help as I am working on a proprietary project already, I thought I would give my 2 cents worth.

While I think your idea is noble, and ambitious, I think there are some things that you might not be considering (in no particular order):

Mafia (which correct me if I am wrong is a Facebook/SN game), while I have never actually played, is most likely copyrighted. I suppose a Mafiaesque game is what you are talking about. There are a few issues with game design. I am not speaking from experience (as I have never tried writing a game application other than a Magic 8 ball), but I think one major concern would be that "wanna-be game creaters" are a dime a dozen. Creating a successful game application (as in number of players, not monetary) is very difficult. Since there are so many "wanna-be game creaters" there are just as many games that they created. Competition is high, and other than creating the application for experience in doing so is probably, but not guaranteed to be, fruitless. You could always play it yourself though :)

Another issue is that most of us have full time jobs, either as application developers on some level or with something else, which leaves the project on a "contribute in your spare time" level, which probably isn't what you are looking for. Actual collaboration and team-work is best suited in person where dialog and idea bouncing is fast paced (much more so than via email, text message, chat or a forum like daniweb). Not that it can't be done, it can, but I've personally seen many "contribute in your spare time" projects fail before they really even get started.

You could overcome the contribute issue/problem by offering some incentive to someone. There could be a retired application developer or someone with spare time that would love to start a startup company or something where profit could be made.

Some other ideas could be starting an open source project on sourceforge or google code or something. You might get contributors there. But if you want something closed source, it might be more difficult.

Just thought I would throw my 2 cents worth in.

Okay, first of all I had no facebook has a game called Mafia. Second I just searched about their game, and the game I have in mind doesn't seem like theirs. Perhaps they're two different games with similar names?
In my idea, the game starts with day 1. There are a minimum of 6 and maximum of 18 players. First day you just talk. Then comes night 1.
This is where the game begins, depending in your role, you do something else. For example, a arsonist would try to kill a cop by burning him. But you got no idea who anyone else is. How d you find out? That's what you do in during the day. If you stay to quiet or act 'afk' then will cause suspicioun around you. But if you talk too much or blame other people carelesly, that will also cause suspicioun. The point of the game is to live until the end, and win. You can lynch one person a day by voting on it. Lynching the Mafia and avoiding to lynch the Town's people is your goal. Certain roles such as detective can identify a player's role at night. But since the ratio of mafia to town is 2:6, it would take a detective good skill or luck to find the mafia, since you can identify only one player a night. This may seem like a big advantage, but once the mafia figure out who the detective is, they can roleblock. This is roles such as bus driver, or janiter. They appearently block you from doing your role that night.

Here is a link to the source of the idea.

Second, I suppose i could start the project and then collect people. But like you said, most people have full time jobs. Too bad I'm under age for a full time job. But the reason why i wanted a group was so i can do server - client testing. You see i want to test if my server/client work - excluding local(lan).

I'll also check into SourceForge.
If you had one of those websites where you enter and get a few cents, I would enter so you can get your 2 cents back. :)

I'd love to do something of that sort, but as said by zachattack05, time is an issue for me as m on a full time job. But trust me i'd do anything to be a part of any open source development project :)

Yea I was thinking about what he said right now.
I might as well start the project myself on sourceforge and eventually get contributers.

sure.. whenever you do, lemme know if i can join.. i'd love to be a part

I've been writing the structure of the game and preparing the sourceforge project.
Check this out if you want. It's the structure of my game explained in detail. It's just the wiki home page. That's all I've done in one hour. https://sourceforge.net/p/publicmafia/wiki/Home/

If you are looking for a team to help work on a project you should chck out codeplex. You can list your project their and interested developers can sign up.

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