Hi Everybody,

i would like to develop an application, that can connect to mobile devices. In my case it is a MDE 3090 with Windows CE5 (http://www.ics-ident.de/ICS-Produkte/IT-Logistik-Systeme/Motorola-MC3090,49,96,69.html).

What motivates me? I got to reset and re-install the MDE and you have to pay a lot of attention, which folder you delete and create. This process cost about 20min everytime.

Here you can see the Problem i got:

I can't mount those partitions because it would not be found in the hdd-snap-in from windows and i can't mount it via net use either.

In C# i got a clue, that I can use API(RAPI) or I can add the ActiveSync Enviroment to work with.

Yes, I already use the search function but i don't get the clues which I can use.

Can you help me please?

Best regards