WinXP how to transfer large file to several (1.4mb) floppies

There may be more helpful options if you would like to tell us how big the large file is, and what you are going to do with the large file? You don't have to tell us what the large file is.

If your system is that old it's still using floppies, I'd strongly suggest getting at least a CD burner. Many computer stores that deal in used equipment are practically giving them away, in fact alot of them send them straight to recycling. 1 cd will hold somewhere between 400 and 600 floppies worth of info. Also there's the issue of the medium life. Even if you can still buy floppies off the shelf they were probably made several years ago and the medium in them just wasn't designed for reliability over the long term. Also there shouldn't be any problems with compatibility between a cd burner and you computer. A USB stick is aslo a very viable option. Even if the computer only has USB 1.1 it will still work with most USB sticks that use USB 2.0. The data transfers will just be slower, but at greatly faster speeds than floppies

You'll need to split it up into >1.4mb chunks using any freeware file splitter.
Data residing on floppies is also easily corrupted.
I recommend that you transfer it to a usb flash drive to save yourself a lot of labor.

Thanks to all for your suggestions. The file I want to transfer is 3,214 kb. I am still using floppies with my WinXP pc. Although I do not have a built-in floppy drive, I do have an external one which I purchased. I like to use floppies because I can delete and reuse them whenever I no longer need the info.
For some reason, I am not able to successfully transfer the files to CD. I will try to transfer them to a USB and see if that works.

Go buy a 4.99 1GB USB. You'll never use a floppy again. I only need the occasional floppy when loading up an older Windows image and need to load 3rd party drivers during setup.

I like to use floppies because I can delete and reuse them whenever I no longer need the info.

a cd burner using cd-rw disk will work the same , cd-rw are also erasable , and you can edit file and save the changes ,when using CD-RW disks .
but i agree a usb thumb drive will be the best and cheapest way to go