hi everybody, i am 2nd year student of computer science department, and now i am thinking about choosing my main field about programming. There are two choices in my mind either to start learning php development(because it has a lot jobs) or start learning java and become a java developer. Also android dev is in my mind.
So the question is that what should i become php dev or java dev? i am to do job very soon.
Plz share your words of wisdom and experience with me.Thnx in this regards.

well .. here's my point of view, on my job research and my actual work experience.

php so far from what i've seen is more in the small and mid business scale.
java is more use by big company.
i don't say it's alawys like that, everything has a grey scale.

the mid businesses that work with php and plan on growing are lookin for a more ... hmm ... powerful ... felxible solution ... maybe a guru can answer this. so they plan to migrate to Python or Java. the company i'm working for, is looking into java, i know basics of java, but i have to go into J2EE for web applications. and my best buddy(network admin) that was hired at OVH, tells me that all their apps are done in Python.

so here's a jr prog 2 cents.