Hi guys,
can anybody tell me how to add a log file???

when the user finishes using the application I need, the info that is recorded in the textbox to be saved in a log file, on the desktop.


Unless I don't understand what you are doing, this project should be what you asre after. The project has a label (for identification of what the textbox is), a multi-line textbox (for the information to be typed into), a frame (purely cosmetic), and a button. The project is fully commented, line by line, and section by section, but contains no error checking (for instance, what if the textbox is blank???). Step by step, it gets the drive that the path to the user profile is stored on (the drive the desktop is stored on). Then it gets the path for the profiles home (the parent to the desktop folder), and then it makes a variable with that information, that points to the destkop. Then it writes the information to a logfile on the desktop, and exits the program (using a graceful method of exit, instead of the END command, which is nasty when you get into bigger and funner things [like API's and keyhooks]). Good luck, and hope it helps.

Perfect...it workes fine..Thanks man..YOU RULE

Is there a way to save the date and time in the log file next to the person's data????

just use the Date function, which should return a date, and the time function, which I believe returns a time. You might want to look into the "format" string, so that you can decide the way it's returned (mm/dd/yyyy, hh:mm:ss).

Thanks man, everything works NOW

You are the best :)

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