Hi! Guys. I want to make a game in C++. I don't know anything about game programming at the moment, but will make it one day. :) could you suggest me , great game ideas in C++. game that is presentable and interesting. Please give your best ideas and suggest great tuts or resources to learn quickly. I have to deliver it to someone as early as possible.

what do i need to include to make games? eg..graphics libraries etc.

Your help would be appreciated.

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No idea what's best. That depends on what you like. And what you know. Since we are ignorant of both, what can we say? Craps is a game. So is Halo. Are they great? Depends.

Try Allegro 5 or SFML 1.6. (SFML2 is nearing completion.)

Program a bouncing ball.
Then, program a VERY SIMPLE Tetris clone.
After that, look into scripting languages.
Start simple. Read in a file that says something like:

show background.jpg
show hero.png
play music.mp3
print "Hero Game by Techy23!"

Go from there.

Also, hire yourself a music guy and an art guy.

Have fun!

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