I'm looking at getting back to C++ . Its been awhile since I last did it, so I am planning on going from the very beginning and looking for a site to learn it from. I've found a few but wish for the best one to stick to. Thanks in advance O:)

Personally, i feel there are no substitutes for books. A good book can never be replaced by any tutorials online. Well this is my opinion.

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Well books are an unrealistic possibility for me; but if that changes, what do you recommend?

Why is it an unrealistic possiblity?

I'm not allowed to go and by a book. AS much as I would love too, I can't (and yes, I have tried several times). So I was going to use resources online to and learn as I'm doing other things on the computer.

Personally, i feel there are no substitutes for books. A good book can never be replaced by any tutorials online. Well this is my opinion.

Do you know any good book for programming in c++?

Check the very first thread in the C++ forum, there is a thread on C++ Books.

Well, whenever i need help online,(i.e for some quick reference) i usually go for THIS. But i don't know if there are better ones.

Also, there are some lectures on YouTube. Maybe that could help you?

Thank you very much for that link :D What are the possibilities with C++ ?

I used learncpp.com, it is an excellent starting point. By the end of the tutorials you should know all of the advanced syntax of standard c++.

I wasn't saying its prohibited. Its just I can't. They aren't easy to find, when I have looked for them in book stores.

Thanks for helping me so far everyone :D

you don't have to buy a book, search on google the book name followed by PDF and you'll find pdf file(witch you don't have to download if you don't want) where you can learn from
"thinking in c++ pdf" - >http://www.lib.ru.ac.th/download/e-books/TIC2Vone.pdf

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WOW WOW WOW thanks for the links everyone ;D

You could check out www.learncpp.com in addition to the books. It has some info that some books miss out on. And as for books, I think that the Game Institute's books (C++ books for game programmes) is quite good. They have real good exercises at the end of their chapters. The only downside is that at they go into windows programming at the end of their 2nd book, so it might not be your thing if you're not into windows programming

Thanks aswell, devjeetroy. I am also keen on other platforms and developing my own OS

Thanks harbing, I do enjoy physics!

Follow any easiest book.Read one topic and practice a lot as much as you can.

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Thankyou so much for the advice, Jashandeep. I truly appreciate it and I totally agree. Will do.

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This website is an open forum in which we discuss any and all topics related to the world of information technology. If you want to know more I would suggest creating a new thread. One thing you should know is that this website hates it when you awaken sleeping threads (if you look at the post before yours it was submitted a year ago... this thread was sleeping).