I'm learning c++ at school, ( 2nd class , we're at polymorphism now) and I would like to now how to create a program that will be visual. Let me explain:

I am creating an automated garden project. I want it to control a fan, a water valve, humidity and temperature. I want to see on my computer on a nice background what is going on. I don't like the visual studio command background its black , nor the Arduino serial.begin window. How to make there things more visually appealing?

Thank you

Several ways to do that, all of them require basic understanding of C and/or C++. If you are using VC++ 2010 Express or newer you can create Windows Forms which is based on the language CLR/C++, similar but different than standard c++.

If you use Code::Blocks then you can use one of their windows packages, but I've not used them.

Or you can do it the hardest way and code in pure win32 api functions. No c++ needed for these, all are C function calls and most MS-Windows compilers support them. This will require six months to a year learning it well.

Regardless of which you choose, that project is probably not something you could complete in a timely manner for school projects unless you have lots and lots of time to devote to study, experimenting and debugging the code.

Best way to get started is at amazon.com -- buy a book or two on the GUI system you choose.