hi Sirs,
i m using vb6 and acess2000, crystal report 9.
i want to delete *.tmp files created due to crystal report 9.
i want this in vb6 through coding.
pls help me.
these files are created on partition and of 0 bytes.
so, pls help me its urgent.
thanx in advance

You can delete those files by using the DOS command.


That can be executed from VB.

This is from VBHelp. If you use an error handler, I would suggest that you disable it, as in the example, because Kill can generate non-fatal errors. For instance, the file the example tries to delete doesn't exist.

Public Sub ErrDemoSub()
On Error GoTo SubHandler ' Error trapping is
' enabled.
' Errors need to be caught and corrected here.
' The Kill function is used to delete a file.
Kill "Oldfile.xyz"
On Error GoTo 0 ' Error trapping is turned off
' here.
Kill "Oldfile.xyz"
On Error GoTo SubHandler ' Error trapping is
' enabled again.
Kill "Oldfile.xyz"
Exit Sub
SubHandler: ' Error-handling routine goes here.
MsgBox "Caught error."
Resume Next
End Sub

If you aren't worried about error messages, just use:
Kill "C:\[path]\*.tmp"

Dear Sir,
Thanks for reply.
pls tell me how do i write code in vb to delete these *.tmp files?
pls give me code snippet.
so that i will solve it immediately.
thnaks for reply once again

Hi Shruti,

rstkw has already answered you:

Write this Code:

Kill "C:\MyFolder\*.tmp"

Change MyFolder, to whatever folder you want.. Anyway, whenever, you Kill files, you need to be carefull..


Exactly was i was going to say to use
Kill "C:\[path]\*.tmp"
if its only a temp file,it should be used,i use the same thing in my software when i wrote "preview" code for some software i released
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