Ok, I have a websie built for a friend(simple/static). I want to add an amdin panel for him, so he can log in, put pictures into the gallery, change or update his stocklist and change or update his news section with special offer etc (he owns a reptile shop).

I was looking at php, but thought seeing as I know some java maybe I could use this, and maybe it could also extend my java capabilities!

I have copied my html pages into netbeans as jsp pages, is this right? Can jsp do the admin stuff or should I use servlets?

Any help and advice appreciated here.


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You are confusing between front-end and back-end unless you are thinking about Java applet. Still, I think this forum is for Java core, not for a website unless (again) you are talking about the back-end algorithm.

To answer your question, yes you can do JSPs for the front-end (display) of admin and use servlets to provide the response. I am not sure what your HTML looks like and how you authenticate a user to do the log in from your HTML page.

However, there should be many admin-panel frameworks in public for you. Though, implementing one by your own is a challenge and good experience. Anyway, the problem should not be asked in Java forum here.

Sorry, I will post in the relevant section. My bad.
Thank for the reply though!

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