Im running an accounting package using crystal reports. all my fields are coming from the table except the totals. the problem is i have a running total where the total income-the total expenditure = net income for each month. the problem is that the opening balance is supposed to be added to the incomes or expenditures depending on it being positive or negative, or rather to the net income. and the net income of this month becomes the opening balance of the next month. i am failing to add the net income with the opening balance since they are all running totals. HELP!!

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are u required like Gernal ledger report running balance who's that account is in debit or credit from which amount of its latest entry like
first row--> opening balnce + debit - credit = ending balance.
second row --> ending balnce + debit - credit = new ending balnce...etc etc..

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Show us the select statements to your tables that you are using to get the data please. That way we can get a much better picture of what you need.

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