Iv been looking around for an easy way to check if a string matches exactly and not just in a few characters I.E

B != "ABC"
B == B
Frederick != F

So only if the entire string matches will my condition be met. currently im using :

               String[] splitstring = linetoscan.split("[ ]+");
               //split entire input by spaces

              for(int j=0;j<splitstring.length;j++)
                System.out.println("match found");

I read that the pattern matcher can be used, but seems a lot of conversion has to be done to compare a string to a pattern of characters? is pattern matcher the most light weight way to achieve this goal?

Do you mean string1.equals(string2) ?
(returns true only if both strings contain exactly the same sequence of characters)

Answer is to the point of the question

or, for the String class, you also have the equalsIgnoreCase method, which will return true for both:

String a = "aBc";

when you want to compare values of Objects, as JamesCherrill pointed out, you'll need the equals method. Only if you want to compare values of primitive types, you should use '==' or '!='.

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