Theinput in a JTextField must be used in the variable Color color.
input = YELLOW must change variable color in Color.YELLOW.
My attempt does not work:

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// to solve how to use input tekst in variable kleur

    public Color getInvoer()
            String tekst = kleurTekstVeld.getText();
            kleur = Color.tekst;
            return kleur;

You will need to convert the String obtained from the textfield to a Color object.
One way would be to use a chain of if/else if statements to compare the String and set the Color, or switch with 1.7,
another would be to use a Map<String, Color> that has been loaded with colors and their names as strings

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When you seeColor.xxx the xxx is the name of a public variable in the Color class. You can't just use a String variable as the name like that.
There are (at least) two ways to do what you want:
1. Create a Map<String, Color> that has the string as a key and the actual Color as the value ( map.add("yellow", Color.yellow); etc), the use that to look up the Color from the user's input string. See http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/java/threads/341974/using-a-string-to-set-a-color
2. Use Reflection to access the Color variable by name using the input String in Class's getField method - but this would count as "advanced" Java in most books.

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The proposed solution using HashMap was new to me. The change from text input to color can also be done with the switch statement of which I have an explanation in dutch. I made following code and it works. If it is nice code?

class kleurTekstVeldHandler implements ActionListener
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) 
        input = kleurTekstVeld.getText();
        color =(Color) getInput();
        //copied from book page 45 book 3 OU
        Container inhoud = getContentPane();
        for(Component c: inhoud.getComponents()){
            if( c instanceof JButton){

// solved with switch instruction input in variable color
public Color getInput(){
    String input = kleurTekstVeld.getText();
    return color;

public Color giveColor(String input){
switch (input){
case "red":
return color = Color.red;
case "green":
return color = Color.green;
return color = Color.black;

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The switch is a perfectly reasonable solution - a little bit longer than the Map, but works just as well for a relatively small and fixed set of colors.

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