is it possible in to save automatically records in mysql database during brownout or power supply loss? I want to develop an application in that is able to save records automatically when there is a power failure. I need ideas. Thank you.

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Hard drive data recovery can be a difficult topic for many new computer users. No one wants to believe that their data is lost, and most people have no idea how to get it back. Fortunately, there are data recovery services available that can help you with the overwhelming task of recovering your lost data.

I can't imagine how you would do this. When the power goes out your computer goes down immediately. If you have a UPS then the computer doesn't know the power is out. If you have a UPS that can send an event to the operating system then you have to have some way of getting that event into your application. If the application is interactive then the user will know that the power is out and, assuming there IS a UPS, will have several minutes to do a save.

the better way is to auto save your data after specific time as in Visual studio .VS save data i think in every 5 mint , in a temp file , so if your system restarted abnormally then VS ask you on the next start that you want to restore ? .
i think you can also use this , just take a backup after 5 mints and when user close application then your program should delete the temp file , but if your computer goes of due to power failuer you can just check if there is temp exist in your directory thats mean your program was closed abnormally now you can read all your saved information . and if file is not in your directory then thats mean that your application was closed normally. hope this will helps you to solve your issue.


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