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how to create a program editor for compiling and executing java programs?i need the codings...

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Are you trying to create a simple IDE? Something that will allow you to edit the source and compile it?

I think you should go with Dreamweaver tool because it is good tool for web development but if you know that about it and its features and how to do it with work. You can also go with website. It has resource for web developing. It would be great helpful to you.

@lennondevid: what kind of sollution is that?
question: "How can I write a letter?"
your answer: "Don't. There are many letters written already, use one of those."

@Danny.Vin: I need the codings.

a remark like that will not make you very popular. Even if you want to create just a very small and leightweight IDE (write/edit code - compile - run) you shouldn't underestimate the job ahead. there are still some tricky parts in it, if not, everyone would be running his own customized IDE.

make sure you know what you want your IDE to do. Just the basics? All the basics or just a few? ...
And, of course:

write the code.

just because you "need the codings" doesn't mean we "need to do your work for you".


I mean to say that it is great editor for programming. Including user friendly features and we can make best code to develop a web application fast and easy. It is very easy to use and has a user friendly features.

OK, but, for instance, DreamWeaver is not a good choice if you're talking about java, and, since we're in a Java forum, I assume that's what he's going for.

now, most likely it's for an assignment or to improve his own skills as developer, you don't do that by using (or handing in) already existing applications, the point is to write your own.

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