hi i need to get a program done that reads a series of numbers and operations from a file using in order traversal to build a tree from the file data and evaluate the data in post order by traversing the tree while modifying a stack.

here is what i got so far:

its compiles but it doesnt seem to run can anyone help me please!

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

#define MAX_WORD_SIZE 4

typedef struct {
    char word[MAX_WORD_SIZE + 1];
    int freq;
} NodeData;

typedef struct treenode {
    NodeData data;
    struct treenode *left, *right;
} TreeNode, *TreeNodePtr;

typedef struct {
    TreeNodePtr root;
} BinaryTree;

void inOrder(TreeNodePtr node); //struct
void postOrder(TreeNodePtr node); //struct
TreeNodePtr newTreeNode(FILE *read);
NodeData newNodeData(char str[]);
void visit(TreeNodePtr node);

int main (){

    FILE *read;

    if((read = fopen("treeInput.txt", "r")) == NULL){ //read file
        printf("File doesnt exist");
        return 1;

    BinaryTree bt;
    bt.root = newTreeNode(read);


    return 0;   


void visit(TreeNodePtr node) {
    printf("%s ", node -> data.word);

void postOrder(TreeNodePtr node) { //post order
    if (node != NULL) { 
    postOrder(node -> left); 
    postOrder(node -> right); 

void inOrder(TreeNodePtr node) { //in order
    if (node != NULL) {
    inOrder(node -> left);
    printf("%s ", node -> data.word);
    inOrder(node -> right);

TreeNodePtr newTreeNode(FILE *read){ //creating the tree

    char str[MAX_WORD_SIZE + 1];
    fscanf(read, "%s", str);
    if (strcmp(str, "@") == 0) return NULL;
    TreeNodePtr p = (TreeNodePtr)malloc(sizeof(TreeNode));

    strcpy(p -> data.word, str);
    p -> left = newTreeNode(read);
    p -> right = newTreeNode(read);

    return p;

NodeData newNodeData(char str[]) { //adding a node
    NodeData temp;
    strcpy(temp.word, str);
    return temp;

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can you post some same data? Need to know what's in the file and how its formatted.

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can you post some same data? Need to know what's in the file and how its formatted.

file name is treeInput.txt
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