Hey. You all know the game dwarf fortress? I'm pretty sure it uses curses to display it's ascii characters. Although, how can I overwrite the ascii characters with my own font, like dwarf fortress?


Post your code and ask specific questions, I can not catch the connection with your request with Python.

Alright, what I mean, is the dwarf fortress ascii is square, instead of rectangular.

I have some pretty standart curses output

sdtscr.addstr(y, x, '#', curses.color_pair(1))

Although, that makes it turn up rectangular. I have a little cheat, which is

stdscr.addstr(y, x*2, '#', curses.color_pair(1))

But that makes it look odd, because colors don't fill in the gap.

What I'm saying is how can I change the ascii, so each character is actually a square.

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I don't know anything about Dwarf Fortress, but it's not possible for a terminal application to change the font used by the terminal (using curses or otherwise). So if Dwarf Fortress does that, it must be creating its own window, not running in the terminal.

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