HI All,

i am doing jdk upgrade version on one application
is there any tool whick will convert .class file (which has compiled under jdk 1.4). i don't have .java files(src code) so i want to know is any tool which will convert .class file (jdk 1.4) to .class file (jdk 1.5) with out recompiling the source file into jdk 1.5 (which convert directly .class of jdk 1.4 to .class of jdk 1.5 )


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class files created by version 1.4 should execute in version 1.5
Are you getting any error messages? Please copy and paste them here if you have questions about them.

Why 1.5? - that is also an obsolete version (replaced in 2006). Only the current version (1.7) will protect you with all the latest security updates.
class files compiled under earlier versions should execute unmodified under 1.7

Hi James,

current application in running on Tomact 4 and jdk 1.4 if i upgrade Tomcat 4 to Tomcat 5 whether the same .class files (which are compiled under jdk 1.4) will run ? or i need to recompile them in jdk 1.5 if yes is any tool which compile jdk 1.4 .class file to jdk 1.5 .class files(without touching src files) ?


1.7 should execute class files compiled with any earlier version of java without any changes to those files. In general you can run a class file using the JRE version it was compiled for or any later version. This kind of upwards compatibility is an important part of the thinking behind Java.

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