Hello everyone.

I would like to know that I wan to make a destop application. I would like that when program executes, the output screen (form1) should cover all the screen, means its a full screen application. It should cover the start menu behind it. and also that should be streched. Means, i would like to run this application on diffirent pc, so that is more possible that the screen resolution of each pc differs from other. so my application should automatically streched when executed. Is it possible?

If I connect a second monitor/lcd so another output screen (form2) should automatically display on the 2nd screen. this screen (form2) will also be full screen.

Thanks and Reagards.

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go my answer from another post here on daniweb.

You will need to change above code to maximize to full screen as follows

this.FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None;
this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;

The code posted by Mitja Bonca will make it fullscreen but it will not hide taskbar, so if u want to hide taskbar too then use this code else use Bonca's code. Good Luck!

but, it will e.g i make my application having screen resolution 800x600, will it automatically streched to fulll size on 1024x768 or greater....?

it will cover the whole screen, but your controls will not resize unless you make them, so it will look odd :)

Momerath Thanks for reply.

I don't want to resize the form. I am conecting two monitors with my single pc. When i will run my application, form 1 will be displayed on screen 1 (Primary monitor/LCD) and at the same time form 2 will also be displayed. But i want that form 2 must displayed on the second screen (Monitor/LCD2). What settings i should do in windows display properties and C# form properties?

And yes. i will use text boxes also. I also want that when the form2 on screen 2 will automatically resize (strech) so the other items like button and text boxes will be strech or not?

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