Hi I want to install the following on my new laptop:-
1. VB6
2. Crystal Reports 8.5
3. Crystal Reports 9
4. SQL Server 2005
5. VS 2005
6. SQL Server 2008/SQL Server 2008 R2
7. VS 2008
8. Oracle Server
9. Microsoft Office 2007

What sequence should i follow so that everything will work fine?

As a general rule of thumb, install older versions before newer versions of the same software. Install software in heirarchical order, apps before plugins etc. (eg: VS before Crystal).

In your list above I would probably install SQL server first, as it is likely to be the heaviest. I have also had trouble in the past getting different versions of SQLsvr to play nicely together, theoretically they should be fine, but just be careful about the instance configurations.

Hope that helps.