I am working an a simple project that required a vb.net login form. I added a login form that was preinstalled in visual studio, ex. Menu>Add existing item>login form. I am using visual studio desktop 2012 and I made the project for .NET 4.5. I then realized that my target framework was actually .NET 4.0, so I switched from 4.5 to 4.0 in the project properties menu. When I debugged the program and tried to click from the User textbox to the Password textbox the program froze, would not close and the controls don't respond either. Also when the login form shows and I press cancel the program freezes unstead of closing.

Re: VB.NET Login Form Freezes 80 80

Do you have code that fires on exit click?

If so: I would start there.
Step through the code and see where it stops.

If not: I would start with Cleaning/Rebuilding the Solution.
Build > Clean
Build > Rebuild

It has worked for me a few times.

Re: VB.NET Login Form Freezes 80 80

Thanks, the Build>Clean worked.

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