Need an Hello world example of how to add an item in the context/pop-up menu in eclipse plugin development.
(menu should pop-up when we right-click anywhere in the workspace).

you mean the Windows popup on right click? how do you think to do something like that as an eclipse plugin?

inside eclipse workspace, if we right click, a pop-up menu appears. There i want to add a menu item upon clicking which my action gets executed.

don't really see how you plan to do this, nor how this would be an eclipse plugin, this is something you'll have to do in your OS.

That is the kind of thing that Eclipse plug-ins do, so I expect its not too hard (although I've never actually done it myself). There's loads of technical info for plugin developers on the Eclipse web site, plus you can look at the source code for existing plugins. It's nothing to do with the OS.

hmmm ... my bad, must 've misunderstood the question.

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