Hi there,

Last night I switched to Ubuntu 10.04 (no, not 10.10, long story). And I wanted to get started programming as soon as possible, so I'm trying to find out how to install Eclipse Helios and the Java JDK 1.6 on my machine?

Please note that my machine is NOT connected to the internet so I can't simply go to the 'software centre'. Instead I went to Eclipse's site and downloaded Helios for Linux 32bit systems. I also went to Oracle and downloaded the Java 1.6 JDK for Linux.

So now I have 2 folders/files:
- java_ee_sdk-6u2-jdk-linux.sh
- eclipse-java-helios-SR2-linux-gtk.tar

How do I go about now installing this on my system?

Nevermind, figured it out...

Well, sharing how you figured out and what you did wouldn't hurt at all... :icon_wink:

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