I am trying to build a tic tac toe program for an assignment. My trouble is making a dynamic array, I am new to c and my understanding of pointers and malloc is still very limited. I would like a resource I could read or an explination of how malloc works for a 2d array. This is my code as right now, the malloc section is me trying to understand what I have been able to find on the internet so I know it is incorect.

Program: tic tac toe
Author: charles haselden
Description: Plays tic tac toe either with a NPC or another player
Input: players, x or o
Output: gameboard after every round with positions played.

char check_left(char ply);
char check_right();
char check_diag();
char check_up();
char check_down();
char board (int move, char in);
int is_over();
char who_won();
char board_build();

int main(){
    int players=0;
    char piece, inplay;
    int move_row, move_col;
    int temp =1;
    printf("number of players? ");
    scanf("%i", &players);
        printf("error: incorrect number of players");
        return -1;
    printf("Enter your move row by col\n");
    scanf("%i", &move_row);
    scanf("%i", &move_col);
    inplay = board(temp, inplay);

    return 0;
//char board_build(){
//    int row,col;
//    char build[3][3];
//     for(row=0;row<=2;row++){
//        for(col=0;col<=2;col++){
//            build[row][col]=0;
//        }
//     }
//     return build;
char board(int move, char in){
    int row=3;
    int col=3;
    int *ptr = malloc(sizeof(*ptr));
    char **build;//=malloc(sizeof(**build));

//    build =(int **)malloc(sizeof(int)*row);
//    *build = malloc(sizeof(int)*col);
    //use malloc
    //char build[3][3];

     printf("    c1   c2   c3\n");
     printf("r1  %c  | %c  | %c\n", build[0][0],build[0][1],build[0][2]);
     printf("   ----+----+----\n");
     printf("r2  %c  | %c  | %c\n", build[1][0],build[1][1],build[1][2]);
     printf("   ----+----+----\n");
     printf("r3  %c  | %c  | %c\n", build[2][0],build[2][1],build[2][2]);
    // printf("%s", build);
    return ptr;

char check_left(char ply){

char check_right(){

char check_diag(){

char check_down(){

char check_up(){

Re: Need help with dynamic 2d arrays 80 80

This may help. You can find details about dynamic memory for arrays near the bottom, but the rest is useful information about pointers too. :)

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