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Can you please give me link for this tree ? I have searched alot and alot , but i am not getting how to implement it or how to use it. please give me links. it's a request to all of you. thanks.

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This was the first hit on google.

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@james sir, Do you think is it helpful ? I have already read it whole. But I still didnt get that.

Did you read the referenced tutorial as well?

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yups, just completed it right now. I have got just a little idea of this. I am not getting how cumulative frequecy is helpful here and how thet are maintaining the tree. please sir, I need to know, please help!

Here is another link. I can't really help you too much as I'm not familiar with this data structure. It seems fairly specialized.

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@james sir, You are solution to every problem of mine. Your "little" help is "too too much" for me. Can you please read it (it will hardly take 10 min to you to get the concept) and explain me a litle bit. please ?

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@sir, alternative is segment tree. can you help me in this ? please i want your replies in this post . please!

it will hardly take 10 min to you to get the concept

I think you overestimate my ability. I find this data structure neither interesting nor important to learn to the point where I'm qualified to teach about it, so I have no intention of spending my free time doing so. Sorry.

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:'(  in even free time, you are doing this. :'( okies. anyways, you are still a CHAMP for me :(
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