Hi.. I have this problem in vb 2008 with this MDI parent form.. I know that you can't put any imageBackground for this, so I've just put a pictureBox the size of the MDIparent form to make it look like its background. But when I'm opening another form(it is just a small form that it doesn't have to be maximized in the MDIparent form) inside the MDIparent form, the form just go under the picturebox and I can't even see it. So i have to disable the picture to see the small form, but the background of the MDIparent form is just so plain and dull. do you have another way around it?

You can place a background on an MDIChild or MDIParent. Look for the BackgroundImage attribute. If you want to use a picture box, use PictureBox.SendToBack or MDIChild.BringToFront.

for this code, first your going to do
---set the background image you want(don't worry but you can see background image in runtime only.
try this code in Form load,,,,

For Each ctl As Control In Me.Controls
            If TypeOf ctl Is MdiClient Then
                ctl.BackgroundImage = Me.BackgroundImage
            End If
        Next ctl

this is fully working