I'm having an issue with maven I can't figure out.

I have two local projects, project1 and project2. Project1 has project2 as a dependecy as you would have any dependecy in maven declared. Everytime I make a change in project2 I have to install it into the local repository and run mvn eclipse:eclipse on project1 to get it up to date. When i debug project1 (in eclipse) and hit project2 code, the source is not avaliable (of course, unless I install with sources).

So what I want is project1 to know that project2 is a local project so that I don't have to install project2 every time I make a change. Is this possible? How is it done?



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Sorry can't realy help with this I'm not Eclipse user, but if you willing to give a shot to IntelliJ (there is community edition for free) it has better integration of Maven. This IDE has notion of modules that acts like mini-projects where A can be dependent on B. So for example in Android project we keep app (Android stuff), core(Java), instrumentation(Android tests) modules. App is dependent on core, and instrumentation depends on app. All 3 modules are declared in parent pom in modules declaration

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