hi i'm a beginner for C#, i have learned some of delphi and want to start learn some basic of C#, so i want make this app where it generates random number, can people help me get started with the code, it will help me alot

the app is simple, there's will be a range that the user can customise, say Min-Max, the user enter the minimum number they want to generate with, and the maximum number, then press the button generate, and a number will be randomly selected and be displayed to the user.

please help me get off the ground, thanks

Random Rnd = new Random()
Rnd.Next(); //Generates a random non-negative number
Rnd.Next(1000); //Generates a random non-negative number less than specified number
Rnd.Next(100, 1000); //Generates a random number between the specified range

See here for more on the Random class: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.random.aspx

In your case you will be using Rnd.Next(MinNumber, MaxNumber);