any one help me how can i do this plz plz guyz help me don't say do it by your self i could'nt understand thats why i am asking from you if i know then why i ask i don't know thats why i am asking friends plz help me...!!
i dont know the codes for 7 segment and for different sounds..

How to create a quiz program ?

Help me with my assignment.

Write a C program to perform the role of a quiz master. It can display questions, record user’s answers, keep the time, record the scores and more. You must use the Parallel Interface Board (PIB) as the device for the user to input the answer, display information etc.

Execution of the program should be similar to this:

1.Read questions and answers (solution) from text files.

2.Display information about the quiz, eg. theme of quiz, how many questions,
how to answer, how the scoring works etc.

3.Display first question.

4.Get answer from user (or wait until timeout – 15 seconds).

5.Update user’s score if he answered correctly.

6.Display next question.

7.Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 until the final question.

8.Record user’s total score (or/and detailed answers) into a text file.

1. The question file can be created using a text editor (such as gedit). The program must be
able to read the contents of the file and display one multiple-choice question at a time.

  1. For each quiz, all the questions must be placed in ONE single text file. The
    description/information about the quiz is also in this. If you have more than one (set of)
    quizzes, they can be in separate files, but only ONE file for each (set of) quiz.

  2. The correct answers can be put in its own file (answer file). Each set of correct answers in
    one file.

  3. When writing to the user score file, older scores should be left intact.

  4. A question should not be restricted to a single line. Possible answers should be offered as
    multiple (at least 4) choices. The program should indicate clearly (on screen) how the answer
    should be selected using the switches and/or push-button.

6.Only the PIB can be used for user input. The PC keyboard can ONLY be used to start the

7.Time limit for each question/answer is 15 seconds when the question is displayed. After five
seconds, the PIB will beep once. After a slightly shorter interval, it will beep again. Then
again and again. The interval should get shorter and shorter as the time limit is approached.
When the time is up, the PIB will give out one long beep. LEDs and 7-segment display should
be used as visual aid for the same purpose.

8.If the user answered correctly, the PIB will display exciting animation (using LEDs and/or 7-
segment display) or/and play interesting series of beeps. If the user answered wrong,
another set of animation/beeping should be performed. For time-out, again another set.

9.The PIB displays the current score of the user after each question/answer. The display must
be able to handle more than one digit numbers.

1. Use struct to store the multiple-choice-questions and correct answers.

  1. Use fgets() to read the file contents. Limit each line to 80 characters.

don't say do it by your self i could'nt understand thats why i am asking from you if i know then why i ask i don't know thats why i am asking friends plz help me...!!

Please don't just post your assignment and say you don't understand, that's not helpful. What don't you understand? Which parts are confusing? It can't possibly be every single word in the assignment, so put some effort into asking for help.

plz try to understand please help me only this time i am crying my whole course depand on it.plzzzzzz plzzzz you are like my brother help me

i dont know itrfacing codes and and files how to create quiz in files

plz try to understand please read deceptikons msg he tells you correct stuff and dont cry be a big boy and stop begging you sound like a whiney 3-year-old and you must be 13 years old to post here

First off, it helps if everyone at least tries to use correct grammar here. Secondly everyone else is right. Just giving you the code isn't going to help you. Even if we gave you the code any self respecting teacher would ask you to explain it. And you would never be able to explain code someone just gave you. (Especially considering you dont even know where to begin with something as simple as this.

Daniweb is a community of developers and programmers who want to help other programmers out. And beleive me no one is actually gonna help you by just giving you the answer. Its best you learn it, understand it then do it yourself.

I'll give you some tips at the very least.

Start with some variables. Don't forget about if statements (sound familiar?). And dont forget to allow the user to input the information.

To be honest thats all you need to make this program work. You just need to fill in the blanks :).

I understand what you want to say.what you think I haven't tried I am trying it from last week I have submitted the assignments but I am confuse in interfacing as I mentioned above.How parallel board works what are the codes for led segment and beeper and where to put these quoatations. I mean in center in the end or in start I don't have any idea about it. I am not a professional I am doing this programing first time ever & you know very well dificulties.Some one also helps you when you were new. I am not telling you to write whole program for me jsut give me the idea just structure of the program.My whole course depand on it and have to submit on Monday I tried it but I coundn't if still you are thinking that I am just wondering don't be so.I will be very very thanks to full to you if you understand please.I need help thats why I am asking from you please try to understand help me 1st and last time please.with your help someone will..
If you will never help me! I will be screwd:( please as a little brother.
Thanks for suggestion.
Hope you never mind all brothers.
If I hurt you I am so sorry.
Inlast again please please help I will explain prof: Don't worry please I know you are not writting whole program for any one here but my problm is little bit diffrent please please If you will help me nothing will happen in yours life but in my life :( I will pray for you.Hope you understand.If still not I am sorry.

How about you post up some code and then show us exactly where you are having problems. Writing out a big mal-formed paragraph isnt going to make us help you.

i already mention my problem hope you will read my msg again and try to help me

We are asking you to post code. We will not help you unless you show that you have done some work.