Dear forummembers,

Well I am a total noob in visual basic programming, but I want to make a program that opens an ascii file that i choose and reads the file line per line.

The ascii file excist as follow

0.0000 Start of measurement
   time      id         rx  dlc b0 b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7    
   0.3480   C010327x  Rx  d 8 CF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
   0.3480   18FEF027x  Rx  d 8 FF FF FF FF FF F0 CC FF
   0.3490   18EF4E27x  Rx  d 8 00 00 00 FF FF FF FF FF
   0.3500   18FEF117x  Rx  d 8 F3 FF FF C4 CC FF FF F0
   0.3500   C001027x  Rx  d 8 FC FF FA 7D FA FA FA FA
   0.3510   18F0090Bx  Rx  d 8 FF FF FF 00 00 00 00 7D
   0.3510   18FE4EECx  Rx  d 8 C2 FA FA FA FA FA FA FA
   0.3540   CF00203x  Rx  d 8 C5 D8 20 00 FF B0 20 FF
   0.3540   18FE4A03x  Rx  d 8 FF CD FF FF FF FF FF FF
   0.3550   C000007x  Rx  d 8 FC FF FA E1 07 F0 FF FF
   0.3550   CF00300x  Rx  d 8 D0 7D 4B FF FF FF AE FF
   0.3560   CFE6CEEx  Rx  d 8 4B 00 C0 C1 C0 20 99 22
   0.3570   18F00C03x  Rx  d 8 E8 03 FF FF FF FF FF FF
   0.3570   18F01DE4x  Rx  d 8 DB 79 FF FF 07 E2 F5 BE
   0.3580   18FEBF0Bx  Rx  d 8 A6 22 82 77 7F 76 FF FF

What i want to do with this data is the following:
Make a table with the defined variables.
for example in id C010327x => byte 0 = humidity byte 1 = temeperature

with these values i want to have a table like:

time humidity temperature

is it possible to make such a program.