ive been searching the web for a 2d free game engine compatible with c++, and i cant find any!
So i would like to know, if there is any that you guys know about?
most people direct me to lib librarys, but thats not what i want.
btw, sorry if im posting in the wrong section.

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Many times, when developers release code for the masses it is done as a library. This makes the integration easier for the end developer. What exactly is it you are looking for?

i am looking for a game engine, like the Unreal Engine, but something simplier. something with a level editor and stuff like that.

Well, Unreal is pretty powerful. It's unlikely that you will find something that gives you that level of fidelity with any simpler interface. I've used Unreal to do some work and it is not terribly difficult to work with.
Game engines are not trivial pieces of code - you may want to consider if what you are asking for exists.

well i wanted something a bit simplier, and understandable.

although im started to get UDK, and its quite cool :)

I'm not sure i follow you completely. Do you want to use a game engine[that maybe provides an editor of some sort] to create a game? OR Do you want to see the internals of the game engine?

Anyway, here is a list of game engines. Some seem to have an editor as well[i'm not sure how you would use them, since i have not used any of these myself].


PS: If you are interested mainly in 2D(sprite based games), may be you can try googling "2D sprite engines". That seemed to give some good results.

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