Hi I programmed a tower defence game through java as a simple java application. I was wondering what steps do I have to take to convert it into a fully functional java applet to be uploaded onto the internet.

Some of the steps:
Move the GUI components into a panel that can be added to the JApplet panel
Get rid of the main() method, use the init() or start() methods
Put all the resources into a jar file vs reading them from disk

So let's say my main class just creates an object of one class to start the whole application. Would the init() method in replace of the main method solve everything. Would it be as simple as that?

Probably not. The GUI might have to be reworked.

Ok thanks, I'll see what I can do.

Probably not. The GUI might have to be reworked.

Ok so the images of my program are not appearing. What are the restraints regarding images with JApplets?
Whilst all the images are located in a folder under the root directory of the package. (Using Eclipse)

Java applets run at very fast connections much like, but generally more slowly than, other collected 'languages' such as C++, but until roughly 2011 many times quicker than JavaScript. Moreover they can use 3D components speeding that is available from Coffee. This makes applets appropriate for non-trivial, calculations extensive visualizations.

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