how to link with already created website????
i want to fetch the data from sql server and put them in the textboxes which are already created in the website

Sorry not understanding your question properly. What you want to do? Data created in database using website you want to show on vb form? or you want to open website from vb form.


I have no idea what level of expertise you have. But, looking at your message I'm going to guess you are just starting out. (If not, I apologise for stating the obvious).

You need to create a connectionstring and use ADO.Net to pull the data back from the database with a SQL Command or Datareader or DataAdapter

Are you familiar with SQL? - you will need to be to query the database for the data using SQL - lots of examples about (google will help).

To get the format of connection strings bookmark and use this site,

Look up SQLDataReader, SQLDataAdapter and SQLCommand either here or on google for examples of retireiving data.